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Ran moves this to be welcomed in the life by most person, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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No matter be old people, middleaged person, young, everybody likes run, do not cross ran or should divide a method, some person ran are to reduce weight, some person ran are to exercise muscle, thanForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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If be the male ran of square steel of in relief gas, nature is to exercise sarcous, so how to exercise systemic muscle effect through ran is ability betterer?

Ran exercises systemic sarcous method

Behavioral essentials: ?  be good at Ba exemplaries thorium of ち of head of be good at barium protects  to wring? of bastinado of Tang of handleless cup lever 4 show curl up is grasped, big toe is stuck at forefinger the first joint and middle finger the 2nd articulatory) , mention lumbar time, be the same as with chatelaine about tall, boxing heart is inward, elbow a bit to in close. Hear ” go ” after command of execution,

Ran is most of economy move

The upper part of the body small forward bend, two legs small turn, in the meantime, left foot uses the pedal force of right sole to jump about 85 centimeters, chela palm first touchdown, the body weighs heart reach, right leg thes upper part of the body according to; of this law action keep just, nature of two arms around swings, when forward move about arm big arm slightly straight, elbow is stuck at lumbar border, small arm is made the same score slightly, a bit to in close, 2Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum
Boxing inside is apart from the garment to buckle a line to make an appointment with 10 centimeters of; each backward when move about arm, the fist is stuck at lumbar border. Travel speed of advance spends minutely 170-180 pace.

Hear ” halt ” countersign, run again two paces, next left foot is forward most pace (two fists close at lumbar border, stop to swing) touchdown, right leg draws close left foot, drop the hand at the same time, into pose of stand at attention.

The first pace of ran must be jumped, stay attitude should be adjusted according to actual condition in ran process (before the palm runs, full control runs and hind the palm runs) when; halt, want to notice to rely on leg and the consistency that put an arm.

Ran is a knowledge, the most scientific exercise methodological ability to achieve best result.

1, the head is mixed shoulder

Ran movement essentials — the stability that maintains head and shoulder. The head should is opposite ahead, unless way is wrong, the explore before wanting, two look attentively at ahead. Humeral ministry is loosened appropriately, avoid to contain a bosom. Motivation is extended pull — hunch. The shoulder loosens prolapse, go up as far as possible next alarm, stay, reductive hind repeat.

2, arm with the hand

Ran movement essentialsLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
— move about arm should be the around movement that is an axis with the shoulder, extent of or so movement does not exceed the body in the middle of line. Finger, wrist and arm should be loosened, ancon joint angle is 90 degrees about. When be being placed before a bit inward, when be being placed after a bit outward.

Motivation is extended pull — carry ancon move about arm. Two arms pose of start of a race of provision of one before one epigenesis, hind ancon of move about arm is articulatory as far as possible drive up, before be being loosened next, place. When be being accelerated as the movement, carry taller more.

3, truncal with coxa

Ran movement essentials — keep erect to the abdomen from the neck, pitch of and rather than (unless quicken or uphill) or hind admire, such is helpful for that breathe, poise and step. Trunk does not want the left and right sides to shake or rise and fall up and down too big. When be being placed before the leg send coxa actively, turn and loosen what coxa ministry should notice when ran. Motivation is extended pull — Gong Bu presses a leg. Two legs around is opened, be the same as with the shoulder wide, next body center is slow to muscle insecurity pressing, loosen next reductive. Trunk keeps erect from beginning to end.

The way that wants to pass ran can let the muscle of your whole body, this still should depend on the method of our ran, if be in ran when what should assure head and shoulder is smooth, do not want the rock that make a round trip, can let neck sprain easily so, good warm-up should be done before ran, assure even breathFall in love with the sea

Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone
, avoid to be in the process of ran, pull oneself muscle not carefully, the muscle that gives oneself brings harm.

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