This morning 6 o’clock sharp, suo Ni was held as scheduled the 2nd period activity of direct seeding of State Of Play. There is no lack of among them ” FF7 ” refashion edition, ” world of hunter of an eccentric person ” DLC ” ICEBORNE ” wait for heavy pound information, let our general view be fast. ” hunter of an eccentric person: The world ” ” firn ” DLC: What exhibit above all is ” world of hunter of an eccentric person ” the prevue of large DLC firn, brand-new setting, it seems that arenaceous dragon of a little similar ground and those who change flood dragon is brand-new BOSS appears. Firn DLC will at official on September 6 put on sale. ” hunter of an eccentric person: The world ” ” firn ” DLC Chinese prevue:
In hearsay ” imagine 7 refashion edition finally ” new video is able to appear, give this eventually expect long already player saw game more content, of Claud and Alice see first and a lot of and classical occasion got revealing, the detail of this game will be made public in June.
Make newly ” Riverbond ” it is game of collaboration of a many person, contain Roguelike element, and joined the game part skin of many famous and independent game.
Atelier of PS whole world makes newly ” iron blood soldier: Chase (Predator Hunting Grounds) ” announce formally, this making is game of fire of much person of a network, the player can choose to act the mankind or iron blood soldier. Game general 2020 put on sale.
PS4 ” edition of skeleton knight refashion ” released brand-new prevue, introduced the story setting of game, still revealed try in great quantities play setting. Game general on October 25 put on sale.
Make newly ” AWAY: The Survival Series ” focusing puppy, the player will act a flying squirrel, whether in nature a variety of abominable conditions fall live come down, watch a player completely you.
Above is the news briefing of direct seeding of Suo Ni State Of Play that we bring to everybody sum up, besides ” FF7 ” and ” MHW ” DLC, still have the game that little companionate place expects to come on stage?

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