Occasionally we can think really, if blizzard march movie industry, so can they become enough and Dishini of compare super big alligator? Although our estimation is to cannot see blizzard one day that when convert movie industry, but this Duan Xin gives heat ” keep watch pioneer ” animation short film is to let what we are expecting homonymic film appear really. Claver says less, watch short film of this paragraph of high quality animation that the name is memory together.

According to the set of blizzard government, ” keep watch pioneer ” the time that game develops at height of science and technology of a mankind. But the classical set as film of a lot of robot is same, the robot Europe Buddhist nun that is created to come out by the mankind because the ego of the program is developmental and mutiny its author mankind promotes earthly culture to ruined brim. And alleged keep watch the pioneer is actually one to end this robot crisis temporarily by each country the special organization of elite composition. Although they fulfilled their mission successfully, terminative the random battle time of robot and mankind, cannot seek the role that allows oneself in afterwar peaceful time however, then because of the suspicion of each country moved toward dissension step by step. ” keep watch pioneer ” in the story of random battle of a large number of heroes happens in such condition under. To the gorilla of battle Wen Si pauses in video and Azrael ever was a when the pioneer organizes to keep watch, just now each goes his own way just. But from the point of ending, wen Si pauses or decision reassemble keeps watch vanward member, be to should have big movement it seems that.

Last carry, blizzard is likely still pass divulge of little ground of this paragraph of video the new role that will roll out henceforth, whether do you also glance through Wensidu’s glasses what to see?

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