Animation edition ” extremely war record ” accede trend of animation of the first season, had seen the first season basic can the head fills give the 2nd season roughly gut. But the hand swims edition ” extremely war record ” how will deduce the function of one’s status as a student in animation probably bad to imagined.

Game plan proposal often belongs to top-secret material, won’t pour out of easily. But ” extremely war record ” the plan made a small fault however, the part plays law function to engineer at this point exposure, how rice already became cook a meal, what is done cannot be undone, the plan cries already dizzy in the toilet.

From afore-mentioned cut the graph can see, ” extremely war record ” the hand swims edition extended change the border that overflow, the way that will change endowment of appliance of the discipline system that in overflowing, appears, study, source of student to wait to play a way with the function gives implementation.

Student times by the setting of dean v/arc an admonitory talk to subordinates everybody whether clearly is in eye, in ” extremely war record ” the hand swims in, by v/arc an admonitory talk to subordinates besides burnish face, get likely still instructive, system of arousal school spirit, increase oneself property. Nevertheless although the word is such, each young associate people can not want for arousal school spirit, offend ceaselessly bottom line, torment example guides the director begs self-abuse!

Besides school spirit system, be poured out of this at the same time learning to provide a system also is ” extremely war record ” one of characteristic of game. Player but according to course demand, collect and education learns to provide accordingly, activation is additional attribute, make school yard of wind and cloud learn bully learn a god.

The thing of student times always was full of hormonal odour, on field drip with sweat, the passion of mass organizations activity defies, speed and force, life and vigor, it seems that each young life is one dares to break through lay day wolf.

Nowadays, all these, will be in finger tip emersion. ” extremely war record ” the hand swims a series of campus incident include edition general at inside, several manage change much discipline assessment, school flower Jiao Caofang heart is dark make, learn broken bits to learn ruffian justice lesson, incident of numerous SARS campus, one-time in heart screen experience ends, although your youth already rang down the curtain, although your green peace and tranquility is put. ” extremely war record ” the hand swims, collect learn to provide, challenge toll-gate Boss, with you a recall dies water fleeting time, tease green disturbance.

” extremely war record ” concoctive content exposure, plan greatly people look should free a body! Although final result is miserable, but whose youth is not licentious? Remember without youth you, might as well download ” extremely war record ” , regain is 20 years old, delighted work one.

” extremely war record ” homebred move overflow homonymic hand to swim, open is brand-new hand of campus contend for hegemony swims times! In game, the player will be acted change the 3 big leading role in overflowing, in lyceum of high school of unreal of second times demon, bear responsibility of save salvation bound, learn broken bits through eliminating, learn ruffian to accumulate experience, beat several manage to change toll-gate, learn through the challenge bully participate in PVP, by spirit of school of dean allocution infuse, victory president waits for world BOSS, learn jewel of hold up younger sister, all sorts of school spend the strategy, the palace after establishing, achievement seeks hegemony the legend life of campus! All sorts of inconstant, without floor level, do not walk along the legend of demon unreal campus of the play, waiting for you to experience, licentious your youth!

Put amusement of dome each other on the ice, be issued with game and game application shop is development professional work, roll out the game product that fits player requirement ceaselessly. Already sent luggage draw together now ” demon sufficient institute ” , ” intense blaze Sha Cheng ” , wait for much money hand to swim product, game of independence of class of the phenomenon below the banner ” greedy cavern ” below Ceng Chuang successive record of first place of Fu Feibang of much day apple. Future, amusement of each other glacial dome still will roll out much money to cover behavioral venture, part to act wait for category game product, interact hand in hand recreation, let a player enjoy game pleasure.

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