Hand of eye of lion heart, eagle, woman, forceps, forceps, scalpel. In January 21 evening at 8 o’clock, point of a knife of former ” of Ma Chi of doctor of neurosurgery of total hospital of liberation army Nanjing removes dance ” , in CCTV ” the challenge is impossible ” in the program, in breach of film of egg of dove of suture of 0.3 millimeter needle. ” of this ” operation lasted 40 minutes, the procedure of soul-stirring looks so that Dong Qing calls ” repeatedly too cruel heart ” .

Had you seen use breach of film of egg of dove of suture of 0.3 millimeter needle?

In our daily strange activity, the film of unripe egg is touched a little with respect to meeting shatter, the process of operation of family of head of Ma Chi former imitate, the premise that hurts egg film in guarantee against issues worn-out dove chorion, reoccupy scalpel takes out an egg film, form breach. Subsequently he will take out egg film from the egg, breach suture. Placing 0.3 millimeter to return fine needle than the hair with forceps, bao Ruchan ala and very do not be able to bear or endure the egg film suture of drag, accomplish dove egg to come over even, fluid of 10 seconds of eggs cannot be poured out of. Challenge difficulty cans be imagined.

In the beginning of challenge, ma Chi also says frankly formerly, oneself are the person of composed self-confidence in the life at ordinary times, go up challenge stage, teacher of lamplight, audience, commissioner and whole environment created ineffable pressure, sit to challenge a stage to begin momently then, the ha上海同城对对碰交友社区

nd is ineffable trembled, the film that use an egg has a challenge, wanted to exceed the strength that clinical place needs far.

In this challenge, ma Chi must be in 40 minutes formerly in the challenge that finish, in its doctor caree上海千花网论坛

r, doing not have an operation is to should be below enormous pressure, time those who finish. In the meantime, the endoscope equipment of major of operation of surgery of have the aid of of ” of this ” operation undertakes, what the naked eye when the picture peace of endoscope sees is contrary, more increased difficulty.

Challenge difficulty is great, of egg film bear the putamen that force is a person one thousandth

Ready, the challenge begins! Ma Chi adjusted a mood formerly, preoccupied investment arrived in ” of this ” operation.

He sits before operating-table, operation appliance extends the opening that presented a diameter to have two centimeter only, use first minutely 50 thousand those who turn get get a knife to grind dove chorion, this process cannot fast, must grind slowly, need exceeds powerful concentrated force and extremely essence of life is operated definitely, shake subtly can cause error. So elaborate operation, each person of the spot is worried, commissioner Sun Yang is to see lean to one side suck at the same time more at a heat, expression insecurity, contribute ” expression to wrap ” ceaselessly.

Time of 20 minutes, ma Chi just processes good dove egg formerly, used time of 3 minutes to take out an egg film from the egg again. Immediately entered the part wi上海千花社区

th ” operation t上海龙凤论坛sh1f

he hardest ” , regard suture of transplanting of ” patch ” as to arrive on dove egg egg film.

The film of operation suture egg that allows through essence of life in the appliance of slightness of narrow dimensional have the aid of, this raw to Ma Chi physical power, dedicated force is huge test. The suture of egg film needs to placing 0.3 millimeter to grow with forceps, finer than hair silk needle moves back and forth back and forth between egg film, have a bit can buy broken egg film carelessly, the challenge fails.

Ma Chi expresses formerly, this challenge at ordinary times operation difficulty is great, the person’s putamen, millimeter of every cubic metre can bear 37 kilograms drag in force, but force of egg film susceptive is it only one thousandth even extremely one of, when seaming, the hand cannot tremble again, slightly one bit shakes, can buy egg film. This wants when practice with respect to requirement doctor from strict requirement, if so新上海贵族宝贝论坛

difficult challenge can succeed, so real operation when with respect to do a job with skill and ease.

Finally 30 seconds, “Rescue of ” of dove egg the wounded is successful

“Skin-grafting ” suture begins! Right now, the double arm with long course is impending, former muscle has had Ma Chi some of coma, on the hand subtle shake can bring greater difficulty to the operation, right now, challenge time still remains 8 minutes. After stitch suture ends, the 2nd needle seams some crooked, ma Chi noes hurry formerly no hurry, undertake remedying as far as possible.

Time still remains 3 minutes, ma Chi still has two needles to did not oversew formerly, and egg film exposes time to grow to go against suture more more in the outside. This looks be like calm however nervous operation lets commissioner Dong Qing also be hit breathe out ” of ” cruel heart.

In final 30 seconds, ma Chi has seamed last needle leisurely formerly, cut off, signal of raise one’s hand, the challenge that finish.

Time in the in chorus of spot audience below, egg fluid was not poured out of inside 10上海千花网交友

seconds, “Rescue of ” of dove egg the wounded is successful! Right now, commissioners stand up applause, audience people people also exclaim unceasingly.

“The patient is here, I am his doctor “

Ma Chi is formerly ” the challenge is impossible ” chief surgeon, also be the good doctor ” with the god-given ” in patient heart, the colleague calls ” of ” pony elder brother kindly. Ceng Huo gets award of youth of ” of prize of year of doctor of neurosurgery of China of ” Wang Zhongcheng, the top prize that this also is our country neurosurgery.

In the program, dong Qing asks him: “So elaborate operation, how to accomplish what have calm power so? “Ma Chi expresses formerly, challenge this, difficulty a no less than difficult operations, encounter what kind of difficulty no matter, no matter my heart rises and fall again, my aim should have become this operation namely, because the patient is here, I am his doctor.

As to why should think of egg and dove egg to have a challenge? Ma Chi former site takes out the model that the 3D of one individual head prints, he says: “The place of tumor is replaced with dove egg namely when the doctor of neurosurgery is practicing at ordinary times, training excises tumor between nerve and blood-vessel. The chorion of dove egg represents skull, egg film represents meninx, albumen represents tumor, yoke represents normal cerebral organization, it is to the doctor’s requirement, grind chorion, egg film dissections, attract the egg white inside next, but not active yoke. But not active yoke..

Outside and handsome Ma Chi former, often be spoken by the colleague: “Can rely on Yan Zhi obviously, it is ” of a suit talent however. Speak of to make the doctor’s original intention, ma Chi says formerly, also be the effect that gets excellent person, he lives together with the grandma as a child, grandma body is bad, often talk about again and again: “There is a cure to had been born with in the home. “Then he chose a college of medicine when taking an examination of an university. (An Ying of reporter Yang Chen’s reporter)

Original title: Nanjing doctor challenge is impossible that responsibility of breach of film of egg of dove of suture of 0.3 millimeter needle edits: Cao Rui

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