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On July 23 afternoon, a message circulates on small gain: NASA will release grand information at 12 o’clock tonight, allude or discover another world. On July 24 at 0 o’clock, NASA holds a press conference as scheduled, announce discovery opens general to strap 452b (refer to scientific and humanitarian chapter ” another worlds that NASA discovers, be not the 2nd home! ” ) . So, suffer the planet outside the solar system of attention fully about this, we are exact what to know, what is having again we return what cannot decide?

NASA holds a news briefing, announced to discover so called another earth, open general to strap 452b namely. This is the earth and the comparative figure that open general to strap 452b, nevertheless need points out is, on the right side of the figure of this planet, general just leaves to strap the about of 452b in artist imagination. Picture origin: NASA/JPL-Caltech/T.Pyle

1, in which constellation?

This planet by open general to strap dimensional binoculars to discover. In by a definite date during task of 4 years, open general to strap binoculars to staring at the area of a small weather near Cygnus to last from beginning to end observation. This planet of new discovery, in the observation visual field that perch straps at opening general, belong to Cygnus.

2, is there many far?

Open general to strap 452b to circling a star that is similar to the sun to rotate, be apart from the earth about 1400 light-year. If fly accord上海贵族宝贝交流区

ing to detector of new view date,sweep past the speed of Pluto, namely 14 kilometre / the speed of the second flies to this planet, need ability 30 million years to arrive at about over there. Nevertheless, it is considering new view date in the process that is far from the sun, speed still can be decelerated further, because this time of real need is met only,longer ability is opposite. Of course, new view date forces the way of 452b without flying Xiang Kaipu, because this flies impossibly there forever.

3, can you爱上海同城


Sketch map of planetary approach star. Picture origin: Sun.org

Do not say this planet, circling even it that gyral star, we cannot see with naked eye on the earth, even if be,be in the place with the best environment that watch a bit. Open general to strap the majority star that binoculars monitors, brightness is in 14 – 16 stars between, go up with the earth the Pluto brightness that see is about the same. In fact, with respect to the binoculars that considers the might on use earth the biggest, astronomer sees this planet impossibly also directly, prep let alone sees well its about.

4, how discover?

Open general to strap 452b to circling a star to rotate, every turn circuit can be passed from sidereal ahead fitly, block holds off that star to shoot the one part starlight to the earth. Look on the earth then, this sidereal brightness every other is met for some time pale suddenly inside short time a few. This kind of phenomenon is called Ling Xing. The phenomenon that if appear periodicly,sidereal short time pales, the periphery that means this star possibly is put in a such planets. This also is the main method of the planet outside opening general to strap binoculars to search solar system.

5, have how old?

The planet is bigger, the starlight of the keep out when Ling Xing is more, vice versa. Accordingly, accurate of brightness of the star when measuring Ling Xing pale extent, can determine accurately planet and sidereal opposite size. And sidereal size, can try to conclude through mathematical sidereal model. Then, astronomer even if cannot see this planet at all, also can pass approach star observation, measure the diameter that gives general to strap 452b to want to compare the earth big 60% . This is astronomer can decide exclusively, the parameter that concerns this planet itself. As to other and important parameter, how many does its quality have for instance, form by what material, how much does air temperature spend, astronomer returns entirely not to know now.

6, be rock heavenly body?

The sun that opens general to strap 452b to be apart from it should be apart from the sun than the earth a bit a few further, but still be located in inside fitting house band.

In our solar system, the planet divides two kinds apparently: One kind follows us the earth is same, basically form by rock; Another kind is gotten greatly than the earth much, basically form by gas. However, bigger than the earth to the diameter, big a not quite much general strap 452b, astronomer cannot accurate judgement. According to detector reasonable guess, opening general to strap 452b to have very large possibility is heavenly body of a rock. However, the astronomer that American California manage is versed in Laisili A Roger this (LeslieA.Rogers) be in this year ” the astrophysical signs up for ” on had published a research, dilettante to the solar system of a large number of foregone size and quality star had statistic, like proving great majority resembles general strapping 452b, the planet of size is not rock heavenly body, [1] . Accordingly, cannot be sure it is heavenly body of a rock now.

7, is there life?

Say exactly, nobody knows over there have life, even if be astronomer. According to the time-interval that Ling Xing appears, astronomer really can accurate determine to be equivalent to tellurian 385 days. Accordingly, astronomer can be calculated its distance to star, be located in fitly inside band of house of so called fitting. In other words, like opening general to carve 452b and globe, the sun with respective distance is not far not close, water of aspic of ground of unapt Tian Han coagulates to put on the ice, steam of water of terrestrial heat of dry of unapt also day becomes spirit. However, a heavenly body calculates lie inside fitting house band, unwarrantable also certainly water can drip in exterior shedding, the moon is the opposite is paradigmatic. More what is more,the rather that, even if have water really, poor still also from occurrence life a great distance!

8, most resemble the earth?

These are current foregone as similar as the earth appropriate resides a planet, from left toward right it is respectively: Open general to strap a 22b, general that opens general to strap 69c, new discovery to strap 452b, open general to strap 62f, open general to strap 186f, and the earth.

Opening general to strap 452b to cannot say is most dilettante like earthly solar system star. E.g. , announced a general of discovery to strap 186f 2014, radius is 1.17 times of the earth. A general of discovery announces to strap 438b first year after year now, radius has 1.12 times of the earth only more. These two planets lie inside the fitting house band of respective star, also approach the size at the earth more than opening general to strap 452b. Just, what place of those two planets surrounds is sidereal, should compare the sun small much, dark also much. And the star that opens general to strap 452b place to surround, special however b爱上海同城

e similar to the sun, weigh than the sun only 4% , big 10% , bright 20% , connect exterior temperature exactly like. Accordingly, if also consider star to come in, open general to strap 452b with respect to not decline to shoulder a responsibility, saying to go up really is another earth, just itself or not quite 上海贵族宝贝交流区

stopped like the earth.

9, still more appropriate resides a planet?

Opening general to strap 452b both neither is planet of exclusive room of a fitting, also not be even most the appropriate that resembles the earth resides a planet. In the planet outside opening general to strap binoculars to had affirmed 1030 solar system of discovery only, 12 appropriate reside the p新上海贵族宝贝论坛

lanetary diameter inside the belt to upright at the earth 1 times to 2 times between. In fact, opening general to strap the main goal of the task is not to should search another world, carry the kind of this kind of sampling investigation however, help astronomer know the world better such fitting room planet has after all between whole galaxy how general.

Open general to strapped dimensional binoculars to had discovered 12 radius do not exceed the earth the appropriate of 2 times resides a planet. Size of the planet in the graph presses relative scale scale, star is in corresponding proportional basically narrowed again 25 times. Picture origin: NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech

10, so, by NASA flicker?

Expected a long time, when is however so a planet, it is rock heavenly body has not been cleared up repeatedly. Where is the major news of come to an agreement or understanding? The discovery of come to an agreement or understanding Where is another earth? Actually, still not be NASA really in flicker you. On the announce page of NASA press conferenc上海千花网论坛

e, had never appeared to weigh the wording with big similar perhaps news. That just says on share announcement, will announce general to strap a few new discovery that dimensional binoculars makes. As to say to discover another world, NASA mentioned AnotherEarth really in announce, but in front those who use is Finding, is Found?

Open general to strap the discovery of 452b, the dream that discovers another world forward approached again one pace. Now, we are OK wait and see what happens, see another real world can be in when to show a body.

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